Raising Private Finance Masterclass

Our 7 step process to ensure that finance is never the roadblock to achieving your property investment goals

Live 2 Hour Masterclass - May 12th, 7pm - £149


You know your investment area, you've got a couple of projects under your belt, and you're ready to scale this into a real business. There's just one thing holding you back… Having access to enough money! I know the feeling. If only we had access to enough finance, we could hit our goals much quicker. Maybe you find the banks too slow to deal with, your own investment pot has dwindled due to leaving cash tied up in previous deals, or you keep spotting great opportunities but can't raise the finance to act on them. There are many ways to finance your projects, but the only option we've found that can provide a truly endless and scalable source of finance to buy and renovate the portfolio you want is private investor finance. Other people's money! During our Raising Investor Finance Masterclass we're going to help you put a plan in place to raise the money you need for your next project.

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What do you know about raising finance, Mike?

Hey, I'm Mike, and I'm a property-aholic… 

I bought my first investment property at 18 (a pretty ugly buy to let, but hey, it was a start) and have been at it ever since. During my early corporate years I flipped a lot of houses with my now-wife Victoria, before stumbling into the HMO market. They've been our focus for many years, allowing me to leave my day job 6 years ago, with Victoria following 3 years later. Property is now our full time job as we continue to grow our portfolio - still plenty of HMOs, but also Serviced Apartments, commercial property, and back to our roots of single lets as well - and create one of the UK's top property investment podcasts to help other investors learn and take inspiration from hundreds of interviews. We've been borrowing money to invest pretty much since day one (thank you 0% credit cards, and a shout out to the bank of mum and dad!), but we realised early on that to continue to scale and create an income in line with our goals there was only one option - find investors who could finance our growth. Since we started working with private investors we've raised almost £3,000,000 through a mix of private loans and Joint Venture agreements which have created over £15,000 of monthly income, in addition to the equity we've created and the profits generated from flips/developments! One of the biggest challenges we hear from investors time and time again is that it's a lack of finance that's holding you back. Which is why we created the Raising Private Finance Masterclass, to show you how to find and raise private investor finance for your own projects, based on our years of experience of what does - and doesn't - work. 

What's Covered?

Our 7 Step Process to Successful Private Fund Raising

  • The Borrower Mindset - Before you start to raise finance, you need to believe it's possible.  
  • Chicken or Egg? - We'll discuss the ins and outs of when you should start raising finance, and how that relates to your sourcing efforts
  • Establishing Targets - 'As much as possible' is the most common answer we get to this, but let's create a plan for how much you actually need (without overextending yourself) 
  • Debt vs Equity - Let's explore the difference between loans and joint ventures; the pros and cons, when each is appropriate, and the long term implications
  • The Documentation - Having the right paperwork in place for you, your company, and the lender is the only way to raise finance in a secure and sustainable way
  • Identify Your Investors - The majority of this Masterclass will focus on the key stages to find, nurture and convert prospects into investors.
  • Investor Compliance - We'll also make sure you stay on the right side of the law in how you approach potential investors, and how you ensure they meet the legal criteria to invest

We'll also host a Q&A session immediately after the Masterclass to ensure all of your outstanding questions are answered and you have the knowledge, confidence and tools to successfully raise private investor finance for your own projects. 

What's Included?

  • 2 hour Live Online Masterclass - Tuesday, May 12th @ 7pm
  • Q&A session immediately after the Masterclass
  • Recording of the session to revisit in future
  • Copies of our Loan Agreement and Joint Venture templates
  • Copies of real investment prospectuses used to raise finance

Is this right for me?

  • This masterclass is for property investors who are looking to ensure that finance is never the barrier to progress, by creating a sustainable and scalable approach to finding investors and getting them onboard with projects. 

  • You're frustrated with the speed of conventional finance, have exhausted your own funds, and are happy to share the rewards of your work in return for a quick, flexible and often lower cost source of money. 

  • NOTE: We do not advocate using private finance (beyond immediate friends and family) for your first project. If you have no previous property experience, a lot of our process will not be relevant or appropriate for you.  
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